Beardstown council gets good news from Ameren

The Beardstown City
Council heard from Carl
Fisher of Ameren regarding
their new site on Tuesday
According to Fisher,
Ameren met with city officials
and committed to 50
percent of the funding necessary
to relocate the water
main discussed at the last
council meeting. Additionally,
Ameren will take extra
precautions to avoid damaging
the main as they will begin
work on the site before
the main can be relocated.
Mayor Patterson informed
those present that
there will be several new
businesses in town. A new
restaurant will be opening
on Main Street in the old
Riverlook building. Mayor
Patterson also said that as
soon as the old glove factory
building is officially sold
to the new owner, the new
owner will putting up significant
funding to facilitate
a new business there.

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