Beardstown Alderman Ward 4 Candidates

Tom Penwarden

    Current Employment: Retired.
    Position: Ward 4 Alderman.
    Incumbent: Yes.
    Issues: We need more new business. Clean up the Ward. Slow down the cars and trucks. Children are soon to get out of school - it wouldn’t hurt to slow at all corners that don’t have a stop or yield sign.
    Goals: The city has a 20-25 mph speed limit. These laws should be obeyed.
    Comments: If a new neighbor moves in, visit them and welcome them to town. I will try and visit any that come into Ward 4. I will tell them what the city offers, and what we would like them to do. Anyone can call City Hall. They have my phone number. I will do anything I can to help them with a problem. Your vote will be appreciated.

Yolanda Hernandez

    Current Employment: State of Illinois/Human Services Caseworker, Beardstown.
    Position: Write-in Candidate for Ward 4 Alderman
    Incumbent: No.
    Issues: Minorities are not represented by any of the members that presently make up the City Council and that is why my candidacy comes to fill a void that exists at the local government level. Minorities are an important force in Beardstown, both economically, socially, and culturally. Presently they are the leading work force in the community that generates the economic well-being of the community. Minorities have enriched this town with their skills and talents, their culture, their traditions, their language and their food. They are talented farmers, cooks, painters, mechanics, beauticians, childcare providers and professionals who would like so much to be part of the local community and participate in local projects and ordinance decision making. My candidacy comes to generate a positive change, with the inclusion of all, in making decisions for the economic development and social welfare of all citizens of Beardstown.
    Goals: My priority is to demonstrate that with hard work and passion, wonderful and positive changes are achieved for all. I want to be that force that motivates all that live in this beautiful town to be the community that we are all proud to represent. This is a small town which has many skills and talents that are not being utilized within the community. My desire is to take advantage of these local talents for the economic advancement of our community, but only with the inclusion and participation of all can this be achieved. Effective communication to keep residents informed of all city functions will be a top priority. We have a great economic and cultural force which is not presently represented and with this representation they can help contribute to the overall development and economic growth of the community.


    In last week’s Focus, I wrote about two doors listed in the Scriptures. One door was an open door which God gives as an invitation to hope and our calling, an open door which no one can shut.