Beardstown Alderman Ward 3 Candidates

Gabe Seward

    Current Employment: JBS (Maintenance). Owen Seward and Sons Mowing.
    Position: Ward 3 Alderman
    Incumbent: Yes.
    Issues: Long-term goals for the sewer and water system. Making sure ordinances are followed through properly. Helping get new business in the town.
    Goals: Clean up the city. Promote beautification of the city. Promote economic development through job creation and retention. Supporting local business. Update and maintain the sewer and water systems. Create river access. Increase tourism.

Ron Culves

    Current Employment: Chief Financial Officer.
    Position: Beardstown Ward 3 Alderman.
    Incumbent: No.
    Issues: Business retention and development continues to be an issue. In order for Beardstown to prosper, we must have an effective avenue for identifying funding and partnership opportunities as well as a concerted effort to recruit new businesses. Years of accumulated wear and tear on infrastructure is a concern. Although some of these issues are more apparent than others, continual evaluation and maintenance are crucial.
    Goals: Determine if previous promises and visions are feasible.  It is imperative that the council and mayor work closely with departmental leadership, community leaders, and citizens to make collaborative decisions and develop long-term planning initiatives.   Create an option for boaters to dock within walking distance of the downtown business district. Review contractual agreements with outside vendors. Ensure the procurement process is ethical and transparent and that all direct and indirect services are provided to citizens at a reasonable cost. The voice of every citizen should be represented through our city council. Throughout my term I will continue to listen to the concerns of our citizens, advocate for senior services, and support our veterans, youth, community organizations, and education system in any capacity that I can.

Terry Erickson

    Current Employment: Retired from Ameren Illinois.
    Position: Ward 3 Alderman.
    Incumbent: No.
    Issues: I will help our mayor find answers to our budget to save money and cut waste. Correct our census (5800). Find new businesses. Youth entertainment. Grant money for road and sewer work, and try and help find a way to lower our water bills, for example: $2 for administration fee; I have about 513 houses in my ward - 513 times $2 equals $1,026 per month. Work with the youth, with the new Mayor and Chief of Police, also work with the Mayor Council and City Clerk as a team.
    Goals: Honesty. Integrity. Transparency. If elected, I will be a true steward for Beardstown. I will try and make the right decision  for all of Beardstown, not small special interest groups. I have the voice and the experience and I am not afraid to stand for what is right for all of Beardstown.
    Comments: Beardstown, it has been a long four years. We can do better. This next four years I’m sure we will have the right people in place to help make Beardstown be all it can be. So with that, 3rd Ward, I am asking for your support and vote. Terry L. Erickson  3rd Ward Alderman. All the City Fathers working together can make Beardstown a better place to live.


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