Cass County Courthouse News

Property Transfers

Rodolfo Ojeda, Teresa Martinez Ojeda to Daniel Ojeda & Maria Alejandra Izquerdo - Blk 32- Schl Comm Addn.

Debra DeGroot, Debra Collis & Anthony Millner, Independent co-executors and Sue C. Miller Millner estate to Jeffrey W. & Melissa L. Cox - Lot 2 Blk 8- S.H. & J.A. Petefish.

Judy K. DeWitt & Timothy M. DeWitt to Nathan A. Coufal - Lot 7 Blk 55-March & Beard.

Ted C. DeWitt & Thomas W. DeWitt, Sr, deceased to Nathan A. Coufal - Lot 7 Blk 55-March & Beard.

Michael Ranson, Jennie Ranson Shinall, Charles R. Knous, Cathleen Gregerson, Candace A. Collins & Chad Knous and Melissa Ranson deceased to Nathan A. Coufal - Lot 6 & 7 Blk 55-March & Beard.

Matthew & Holly Coulter to Sean P. & Stephanie M. Partridge - Sec 14 T18R10.

Jeffrey M. Dotzert to Tammy    J. Jones - Lot 1 Blk 28- March & Beard.

Mary E. Keaton to Ricardo Picazo Montoya - Lot 8 Blk 28- March & Beard.

Allen J. & Teresa J. Fischer to Donnie & Megan Warden - Sec 18 T17R11.

Charlotte J. DeGroot, American General Finances Services of Ill. Inc., Sheriff of Cass County, Cass County Circuit Court U Onemain Financial of Ill. Inc. to US Bank National Association Trustee & Cim Trust - Lot 8-Oaks Subdivision.

Brian K. Musch to Brian Musch Farms LLC - Sec 35 T17R12 - Sec 26 T17R12.

Craig A. Musch to Craig Musch Farms LLC - Sec 35 T17R12 - Sec36 T17R12.

Garrett Shores to Village of Chandlerville - Lot 16- Original Town of Chandlerville.