Mellon, LaHood primary winners

With a 6.74 percent turnout in Cass County in Tuesday’s special primary election, Democrats in the county cast their lot to Robert Mellon who received 93 votes, while Republicans gave their nod to Darin LaHood with 333 votes.
    The special primary election was held to choose party candidates for the 18th Congressional District to replace Aaron Schock, who resigned March 31.
    Vote tallies in Cass County for the other candidates were Adam Lopez (D) 86, Donald Ray Rients (R) 12 and Michael J. Flynn (R) 104.  Of the 9,356 registered voters in the county, 631 cards were cast.
    The county’s winners reflected the choices made throughout the 18th District, as Mellon and LaHood won their respective party bids. Mellon received 60 percent of the district’s Democratic votes and LaHood had 69 percent of the Republican vote. They will face off in the general election on Sept. 10.