Remember God’s goodness, faithfulness

My two oldest children are gone to church camp this week. As my wife and I dropped them off this past weekend, we were both flooded with wonderful and profound memories. You see, our kids are camping at the very same place my wife did when she was younger, and where we have both had the privilege of serving as camp counselors; East Bay camp is a sacred place for us because we have met Jesus there.

To remember is a wonderful gift God has given us. Remembering allows us to be transported back to times and places that have had an impact upon our life. It allows us to relive, in a sense, moments that have, perhaps, shaped our life. Unfortunately, there are those who, by no fault of their own, are losing or who have lost this gift. Will you do me a favor? Take just a moment and offer to God those persons who live with Alzheimer’s or dementia, as well as their family. &nbsp;&nbsp;<ahref=""><spanstyl... 13px; color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">To view more, please log in or subscribe to the digital edition.</span></a></p>


    Recently, two friends explained to me that my article published on Feb. 6 hurt and angered many folks in the community, veterans in particular. I’m thankful they cared enough to come to me.