A mother’s greatest reward is God’s praise

A poor widow’s son in Texas struck it rich in oil, and as Mother’s Day approached, he made up his mind to show his appreciation by some unusual gift for all that his mother had done for him.

So he asked the owner of a pet shop, “What is your most unusual and expensive pet?”

The merchant answered, “I have a Mynah bird worth $27,000. It is the only one in the world that can recite the Lord’s Prayer, the 23rd Psalm, and the 13th chapter of I Corinthians.”

“I’ll take it,” said the Texan. “I don’t care how much it costs. Mom is worth it and she will get so much comfort hearing it recite Scripture.”

So he bought the bird and shipped it to his mother. On Monday following Mother’s Day, he called her long distance and asked, “Did you get my bird?”

She replied, “Yes, son.”

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