Focus on Faith

What world do you live in?

Their world is but a knife’s edge away from apocalypse: Muslim terrorists… Mexican hordes…liberal mobs…lame-stream media…all salivating to devour what’s left of their crumbling, third-worldish infrastructure.
    Their world’s only protection?
    Anger.  Fear.      Hate.
    I understand their world quite well because I used to live in it. (Isn’t it amazing how one can change universes but not zip codes?)
    I’m speaking of the two “worlds” we all inhabit: The inner-world of our minds and the outer-world of shared reality. In other words, objective reality is subjectively perceived or understood (or misunderstood).
    Have you ever said or heard, “What world do you live in?”
    Such things are uttered when our imagined realities don’t measure up.
    For example, I hear or read folks parroting the anger, fear, and hate that flow from their politicians of choice. And then I think of their actual lives.


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