Focus on Faith

Is anybody home?

 “Are we really at home anywhere? Because it seems to me that to be at home somewhere means to be at peace somewhere, and I have a feeling at some deep level there can really be no real peace for any of us. No real home for any of us until there’s some measure of real peace for everybody . . . until everybody has a home. . . .
   “When we close our eyes to the needs of other people, whether they live on this side of the world or the other side, or under our own roofs, when we close our eyes to their needs, and thus to our own deep needs, we can never really be at home anywhere.” (Frederick Buechner,­ “The Remarkable Ordinary,” pp. 113,114)
To be at home is to be at peace. But what does it mean to be at peace?
One way of understanding peace is as a quality or disposition. In this sense peace is the inner rest, tranquility, and quietness that comes from trusting God with all outcomes, so that we don’t need to constantly strive to control or manipulate people or events.


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