Focus on Faith

Our failures are not fatal!

    Since it's football season, I thought you might like this story. Roy Riegels had a chance for fame and glory on New Year’s Day, in 1929. The University of California was playing Georgia Tech in the Rose Bowl. Shortly before the end of the first half, Georgia Tech fumbled the ball.  Reigels picked up the ball and ran 65 yards toward the goal line – the wrong goal line! A teammate tackled him only yards away from what would have been a touchdown for Georgian Tech. UC took the ball with their backs to the wall, made no progress, and their punt was blocked. Georgia Tech scored a two-point safety. When the California team went into the locker room at halftime, Reigels wrapped himself in a blanket, wilted into a corner, and wept. Nevertheless, Coach Nibbs Price announced that the same team would start the second half.  Everyone hustled for the door except for Riegels.  The coach walked over and Reigels raised his tear-filled eyes and said, “Coach, I can’t do it.  I’ve ruined you. I’ve ruined the University of California. I couldn’t face that crowd in the stadium to save my life.” Coach Price placed a hand on Roy’s shoulder and said, “Roy, get up and get back in there. The game is only half over!”

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