Beardstown as World War II began

    Where were you Dec. 7, 1941, when WWII was declared? I remember where I was. I was in our Princess Theater. I can’t remember what movie it was but the manager stopped the movie to come out on the stage to tell everyone that the United States had entered the war. Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor, killing a lot of our servicemen and nearly crippling our Navy by sinking or shooting up a lot of our battleships stationed there. President Roosevelt had no choice. There were lots of loud cheers, lots of crying, and plenty of prayers, and everyone went home.
    It was so foggy, worse than I had ever seen, you could not see your hand if you held it up in front of you. I had a date with Ben and as we walked home (not many had cars then) I could hardly see him and he would step back a step to scare me for fun. Not funny to me. I didn’t know then he would later enlist in the army and move away and never move back. Another part of Beardstown living would be over.

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