Time for Beardstown to change

To the citizens of Beardstown,
    A recent letter to the editor was submitted by David and Georgeanne Osmer regarding department heads having to answer to only one person (the mayor). This is no different than any other city.
    When you choose to accept the role as chief of a department, most times you are leaving a union-represented position to accept a mayoral-appointed position such as chief. You know and accept this when you take the position; there is a possibility that you can be replaced at any time per the mayor’s discretion. I do believe that there is some representation in place with the city council committees, but they have once again failed to do their jobs.
    The duties and responsibilities of the mayor and city council are to act together as the governing body, being the elected representatives of the people. The duties include adopting ordinances and resolutions, and to determine goals and policies for the safety and well-being of the citizens of Beardstown. Sadly, none of this is being done.

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