There is room for the arts in Beardstown

Dear Editor,
    I realize Beardstown is a very sports-oriented town, but I believe there is room in this town for the arts.
    Like all the athletes, actors practice very hard. For the play “Lizzy Borden of Fall River” the dedicated performers practiced three days a week for six weeks. For the actors’ efforts, they were rewarded with less than stellar audiences, number wise. The audiences that did attend were very appreciative of the actors.
    After every show I have people who come up to me and say that they hadn’t known about the play. I always have the shows announced on the radio and the Star-Gazette is always kind enough to give us some space. The signs at the Opera House and on the highway always advertise the event and social media is always covered. If you have other ideas to get the word out, please let me know.

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