Thank You

We would just like to thank
everybody from the bottom of
our hearts who showed compassion
during our time of need.
When Jack passed away, it was
truly a heartbreaking time for
our family to put together all his
final arrangements. But, with
the help of Sager Funeral Home
and so many community members
that knew Jack, you did so
much from bringing food to the Beardstown Church
of Nazarene luncheon, the ample amount of donations
made to Cass Schuyler Area Hospice, and just seeing
familiar faces and sharing many stories about Jack and
your several encounters certainly meant a lot to our
family. Therefore, thank you to everybody who came
and showed their concern and support to our family.
It truly was appreciated and more helpful than you will
ever know.
Sandy & Wheezy Fox, Wes Parrish, Jody Parrish,
Brad Fox, Misty Morris, Joe Hamlin and all their families