Supporting Police Chief Hurst

    I feel I must voice my opinion as to the Chief of Police, Roy Hurst.
    I have never met Mr. Hurst, however, I have heard wonderful things about him from both sides of the law. One thing I must stress is the appreciation for an upstanding police officer as Roy Hurst. I grew up in Beardstown and I support him because he is what Beardstown needs, and that is a person that does his job, follows the law, and holds everyone to that standard - and I must emphasize the word “everyone.”
    Therefore, I support Mr. Hurst and believe the citizens of Beardstown need to do whatever it takes to keep a man like that at the head of our Beardstown police.
    Thank you for your time and attention.
Jared M. Staake
Pinckneyville C.C.

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