Remembering WWII's 'Beardstown Boys'

    Well, we have lost another of the many Beardstown and Cass County boys that were involved in WWII, and after 70-plus years - it is still difficult to realize and accept.
    I was fortunate in being in the same areas with Norm Korsemeyer and Bob Seaman; I endured the same naval shelling, dropped bombs, and ground warfare. Also, as in so many situations, the lack of food, found a common trait, that seems to manifest in all wars.
    I was on Guadalcanal with the 1st Reinforced Marine Division as part of the 6th Construction Battalion (Seabees).
    Norm was with Carlson’s 2nd Raider Battalion, a select unit, trained to operate behind enemy lines, destroying troops, supplies, etc. A heavily firepowered unit, employing tactics that the Sioux Indians would approve.

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