Reader agrees with views of Beardstown’s past, disagrees with views on BLM

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    Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor:
I have been interested in recent articles from readers about “Black Lives Matter’’ and Policing Concerns. While I agree whole heartedly with Jared Staake and Alison Clements’ assessment of Beardstown in the past, I disagree with her statements about “Black Lives Matter’’ and “brave young people.” A peaceful protest to help improve a situation is one thing and it is one of the freedoms we Americans enjoy according to our Constitution. But to tear down, destroy property and trample that same constitution is anarchy. And, I’m afraid Ms. Clements like many others has been duped.
Let me explain. The death of Mr. George Floyd was indeed a tragedy and the police officers should be punished legally by our court system for any crimes they are proven guilty of. But, the organizer and leader of the “Black Lives Matter’’ mob doesn’t care about Mr. Floyd’s death except to use it as an excuse to further their objective which I’m sorry to say is not to improve racial relations. The person who organized and leads the “Black Lives Matter’’ terrorist organization has publicly stated in a news interview that their purpose is to bring down Donald Trump either before or by the election. In fact, of the original organizers, only 1 in 6 were black. They are nothing more than a militant wing of and supported by the Democratic Party and their millionaire cohorts. People, they are Marxists who intend to destroy our constitution, way of life and institute totalitarianism. They are not the Democratic Party of 30-40 years ago. This is not an organization of black people to improve race relations.
But, if you don’t believe me and you have the intestinal fortitude, stop believing all you read or hear in the “Fake Liberal News Outlets” and watch Fox News and/or listen to the Rush Limbaugh Radio Program for well- researched, fact-checked honest reporting.
Also, did you know there is now a liberal movement to cancel Presidential debates? Do you wonder why? It should be obvious. I believe Joe Biden is just a pawn. If he were to be elected, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was eventually removed from office one way or another by his own party. Then, who is in line to become President? First, a closet Marxist Vice President and second, Nancy Pelosi, if she is still the Speaker of the House of Representatives. It makes me sick to my stomach to think of all the loyal Americans who have fought and died for our free way of life that these people are attempting to destroy.

Jim Givens
Rio Hondo, Texas