Police Chief urges care around pedestrians

Citizens of Beardstown:
    The Beardstown Police Department will now hold all abandoned/stolen bicycles for a period of three months. After this time all bicycles not claimed by the owner will be subject for forfeiture and the Beardstown Police Department will have the right to disperse the bicycles at their will to the general public. If you have lost or had a bicycle stolen within the last three months, you can contact the Beardstown Police Department during operating hours and see if your bicycle is in our custody. You will have to give a detailed description of the bicycle before being allowed to view the inventory.
    As we enter the summer months I want to address all drivers on our city streets to pay extra attention to their speed and to pedestrians out on our city streets. The posted speed limit for all side streets in Beardstown is 25 mph. With our local youths out of school for the summer, all motorists should show extreme caution in their travels around our community. More and more people will be walking around town as the weather becomes nicer, and I encourage everybody in this community to keep an extra eye out for all the pedestrians out there.
Dustin L. Clark
Chief of Police

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