Police chief’s resignation prompts letter

An open letter to:        Mayor Steve Patterson
    Beardstown City Council
    The citizens of Beardstown

    It was with a heavy heart that we posted on social media this morning the pending resignation of the Chief of Police, Roy Hurst. He has lifted our law enforcement to a higher standard fighting drugs and crime as well as a professionalism in the service to our community. He has been a “breath of fresh air” to Beardstown with a vision of effective law enforcement that was administered fairly and consistently.
    Micromanagement has been shown repeatedly to be a destructive force, whether in government, education or business. Currently we are at a crossroad in Beardstown. When department heads answer to only one person, they are at risk of losing their jobs if they fail to please that individual. Rather than performing their duties to the best of their abilities, they find themselves dancing to one.

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