The old ‘Beardstown Transit Company’ route

    Again I ask “What happened to Beardstown?” Did you know we even had our own bus line that covered the whole town, both east and west ends? It was privately owned by three people, two from Florissant, Miss. and one from Macomb. It was issued its permit, “As Filed For Record” March 25, 1947 and called “Beardstown Transit Company.” The office in Beardstown was at 810 Wall Street with J.F. Ferrell as operating manager. On May 4, 1947 an ad was put in our local paper, “The Daily Illinoian Star,” stating “Bus Transportation effective May 3, 1947 with free transportation on Sundays.” The fare for the other days was five cents.
    I have tried to find out the total route but I have only a few who could help me. As far as I can figure how the route went, I will start on State Street. It went down State Street north toward the river and turned west on Main Street. Some say it turned down Second Street instead, but I don’t know for sure, but Main Street sounds right. A lot of people say it went west on Main Street and turned south on March Street. It went past Beard School to Grand Avenue, down Grand Avenue to 14th Street. It turned east to pass the high school, then across the railroad tracks on 15th Street to Wall Street. It then turned down Wall Street to turn down 10th Street until Railroad Street. It turned north and went to 4th Street, turned west again on 4th, crossed the railroad tracks, and traveled onto State Street, turning north to Main. Some tell me of stops on the other streets, I don’t know, but this is a pretty good view of our bus line.

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