Not the breed, but the way they’re raised

    I am not usually one to voice my opinion publicly like this but I have been pushed to this point by what has happened recently. It started on Monday morning with a call from my son. He tells me that there is a deceased dog outside of his apartment building and asks who he should call for disposal. I tell him he needs to call Cass County Animal Control or the Sheriff’s office, they can tell you what needs to be done.
    My day went on and in the afternoon I get another call from my son who is very upset. He proceeds to tell me of the treatment he received from Cass County Animal Control. The dog was apparently either attacked or beaten to death with the blood amount down the side of the building. The officer from animal control proceeded to drill my son with questions: You have Pit Bull dogs, don’t you? You have been known to rescue Pits, haven’t you? Where are your dogs at now? Can I see them?

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