A letter to Christian Love in Action

    It seems to me that the Board of Directors of Christian Love in Action did a very non-Christian thing.
    The two items that make me say this are the fact that they closed their thrift shop without notice and, more importantly, a dumpster was brought in and filled to the brim.
    There are many low-income and poverty level families in our area. In this season, I think the proper thing should have been to let those people come in, in an orderly manner, and find free Christmas gifts for their family members. The number of items could have been limited according to the number of family members. Giving free items in the holiday season is the Christian way of doing things.
    Another option for the dumpster-filling items would have been to ask volunteers to take the items to the Jacksonville Salvation Army, Rushville Cares, or another suitable donation site. Who knows, maybe some of the board members could have taken items over to those places.
    Still further options could have been local churches, to help their needy, or a mission service organization.
    With so much poverty in our area and in the world, I don’t believe a Christian Service entity should be throwing out a dumpster full of items.
    In John 6:12, Jesus set an example by not being wasteful with material things. “When they were filled, he said unto his disciples, ‘gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost.’” I believe the Christian Love in Action board threw all the fragments away.
    I look forward to hearing a response from the board in this paper. I hope you prove me wrong on my points.
Steve Wessel

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