If you commit the crime, do the time

    I was hesitant to write this, not knowing what’s happening now and what will happen in the future. Recently, my son was released from prison on parole, after serving a year and a half of a three-year sentence. Freedom didn’t last long.
    I remember another person who committed the same crime my son did, only under different circumstances, but nonetheless the same crime. He got one month in prison, a year’s probation because of his age, and he wouldn’t commit the same crime again. I say if you commit the crime you do the time. I have nothing against this person, but the law is the law. If we let one slide by, we might as well let them all slide by. After all, weren’t we all created in God’s image? I remembered that Jesus, too, walked to the cross alone, and they most certainly put him to the test. Jesus, too, was hoping that this cup would pass from him and he was sweating drops of blood. Jesus, in prison, I never would have wrought, but they came and took my son, without a second thought.
Richard Middaugh

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