A great time to grow up in Beardstown

    I read with interest the article “Growing Up in Hog Ward” by Harriet Lee. I never knew why it was called Hog Ward; now I do.
    Of particular interest was the mention of Charlie and Roy Cole’s fish market. I’m not sure if Charlie Cole was alive in the 1940s or not when I was growing up. But his son Roy had two or three big tar vats located on my Grandmother Givens-Kirby’s farm where, Sarah, KD and Scoop Givens now live. It was where he would dip his fish nets in tar, then hang them up over the vats with a pulley system to dry.

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In the last few years, the phrase “fake news” has worked its way into our vocabulary. It is a phrase used to describe information that is accepted as fact by some but disbelieved by others.