Goodbye to a community leader

To Julio Flores:
    We, the Amigos Unidos Committee, want to give our everlasting thankfulness to Julio Flores for having lived in our community since 1998, for having been that person who was so interested in the education of our children, for the years that he helped in the school with his work and interest in the well-being of each one of us and our families, his persistence in meeting his objectives, and his help in the community with difficult issues. We recognize all of his endeavors, enthusiasm, and interest to encourage our children to advance to higher education.
    He founded the Amigos Unidos Committee and served as president of the same during 18 years of serving our community. He taught us with the passing of the years not to forget where we came from, what our origins were, and to not be ashamed of our black hair, of our language, and especially our Hispanic values as we lived within a culture different from our own.

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