Further explanation of last week’s letter

    To continued with the letter from last week (it would be too long to publish all at once): the two people Mr. Wessel discussed giving fines up to $2,500 are both single women, neither with a high-paying job (to hire help). If anyone else has been fined, it has been beyond our ability to get that information from board members. We found out we might be getting fined more from the newspaper!
    Because of plantings and the depth of my lot, it’s difficult to see my back yard from the street. Maybe it’s a problem of my 68-year-old eyes. Nevertheless, Tim Richard, the Village president, drove down along my property line (there are two empty lots on that side), driving past an open septic, piles of broken concrete, an accumulation of metal, and six-foot weeds, to take photographs of my repurposing projects on my property (230 feet from the street).

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