A disagreement with Freida Crump

    I am writing this letter in response to the ridiculous opinion piece by Freida Marie Crump in the Dec. 17 paper. I am sick of all the convoluted liberal lectures on how people like me are un-American, racist bigots because we are against illegal immigration in general, and against bringing Islamic “refugees” to this country in particular. I am supposed to believe that these “refugees” will be properly vetted, and are coming here in the spirit of the pilgrims. This is a bunch of boo-shwaa! The pilgrims did not come here and get free housing, free medical care, free education, food stamps, etc. We currently have millions of men, women, and kids that need these very things, yet the liberal politicians roll out the red carpet to the illegals and “refugees” while turning a blind eye and deaf ear to our own citizens. Many of the illegals, and most of the “refugees,” have no intention to assimilate into American culture.

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