Concerns over lagoon breach

    Because of such concern over the drinking water, I spoke on Friday with David McMillan, who is over the "Drinking Water Program" at EPA concerning our city water. I was told that the water is OK to drink. We get our water supply from an area by the soccer fields, which is 435' away from the ditch where the spillage flowed into the river. In addition, the aquifers where our drinking water comes from are 80' - 90' deep. EPA is going to continually test the drinking water and will be doing so again on Monday. This name and number was given to me by my alderman, Leslie Harris. Senator John Sullivan also gave me a name and number to call and had that person call me.
    When I asked about all of the dead fish he stated that there are two different causes. One is the high ammonia level in the water caused by the 9 million gallons of waste that was leaked from Cargill. Two is the lack of oxygen that is caused by the waste and decomposition that is occurring from the fish.

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