Clarity about Christian Love in Action

    I am writing this letter to lend clarity to recent events regarding Christian Love in Action (CLIA). Unfortunately, CLIA became a dumping ground, so to speak, when people had items they needed to dispose of. Items were often found beside the dumpster. Recently, a filthy bed mattress was dumped. Upon the monthly pest inspection, a dead bed bug was found on the soiled mattress. In order to be responsible and ensure no one bought or was given a contaminated item(s), the immediate response was to close the building. Upon suggestion of the pest control company, any items that were on the floor needed to be disposed of properly, hence the dumpsters. These items included toys, clothing, and holiday decor. The building was treated and since has been inspected to safeguard the building and contents do not contain any pests. The cost of decontamination was substantial considering it was paid by a charitable organization.

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