Changing businesses in Beardstown

In response to a recent column:
    Businesses have changed over the years, no one can really dispute that fact, and they will continue to change in the years to come. I believe there are several factors that come into play causing this; utilities, taxes, employees, government rules and regulations, insurance, etc. None of these factors are what they used to be years ago.
    Growing up, I remember several different businesses downtown, also. Huss’ Men’s Wear, The Cute Shop, Kline’s, Turner’s Bakery, and Woolworths Dime Store, just to name a few. Some were locally owned, and some were not. I also recall there was always churches downtown, too. The Congregational Church has been on the square for many, many years, with the Methodist and the Lutheran within blocks. Seems like there was a saying that there was a church for every tavern!

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