Beardstown: part of something greater

Dear Editor:
    Every once in a great while you get the chance to be part of something that is greater than one person or even a small group of people can imagine. This is what happened during the week of June 11-17 right here in our home town.
    After a year of hard work and much planning, workcampNE finally arrived in Beardstown! During the year of planning, every time we thought we hit a brick wall that might prevent wcNE from coming, God opened a door that allowed us to proceed with our plans. We believe that God’s hand was in the planning of this venture every step of the way. While our small committee of six may have started the ball rolling to get the camp, it was a community effort that made the week a true success. It was through God’s plan that the businesses, churches, clubs, organizations, and individuals in the area were able to help ensure the camp’s successful completion of work on six homes in Beardstown.

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