Baseball in Beardstown’s West End

    Well, the World Series of baseball is over for another year, and hurray, the Cubbies won after a long period of 108 years of trying. It was wonderful to watch between the Cubs (Chicago) and the Indians (Cleveland) for 10 innings and sometimes in the rain. I thought they would call the game and continue another night. I almost missed the end of the game as I turned off the TV, but Nancy called and said they were playing, so on came the TV in time.
    Watching the game made me think of all the ball games we had in Beardstown. They were no World Series, but I guess you would call them “Beardstown Series” or “West End Series” (where our ball diamond was) or just “Fun Games Series.” Baseball games were really going strong in the 1930s and early 40s, with no computer and no TV for entertainment. It was great for everyone and all families.

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