‘Little Reno on the river’

    Yes, that was the headline the Chicago Daily News published back in the early 1930s - and the first paragraph said, “slot machines in every building in Beardstown, except the basements of the churches; and then on to bootlegging, speakeasies, gambling, and prostitution,” and I guess that covers all the bases - two lengthy columns.
    Brother Pitt and I started passing papers back in the fifth and sixth grades, covering both sides of the railroad tracks, from Main St. to 15th St.
    In those days, the morning papers included the Chicago Tribune, Daily News, Herald Examiner, Peoria Journal, Springfield Journal, St. Louis Post Dispatch, St. Louis Globe, and Jacksonville Journal.

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“Jesus did not simply die to save us from our sins; Jesus lived to save us from our sins. His life and teaching show us the way to liberation.” (Rachel Held Evans, Inspired, p. 155)