Red Norvo: A True Superstar

At the time Red Norvo played on Victor Young’s radio program, he also was appearing with Ben Bernie’s orchestra at the College Inn located in Chicago’s Sherman House hotel.

During one of his 1932 College Inn appearances, famed bandleader Paul Whiteman strolled in, or perhaps staggered as he was said to be drunk that night. Nonetheless, Whiteman was impressed by Norvo – so impressed that he hired him for NBC. Norvo’s career took flight.

Also during this period, Norvo made his first phonograph recordings under his own name. The creative recording sessions featured Benny Goodman on the clarinet and Norvo on the marimba.

While a member of Whiteman’s orchestra in 1932, Norvo met the great jazz singer Mildred Bailey, popularly known as the “Queen of Swing.” Bailey was a member of the Coeur d’Alene tribe. &nbsp;&nbsp;<ahref=""><spanstyl... 13px; color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">To view more, please log in or subscribe to the digital edition.</span></a></p>