Looking to the Past

Here yesterday, gone today

Electricity spawned the development of many new industries, including one focused on the design and manufacture of insulators.
It was during the summer of 1910 that C.W. Kettron established the Illinois Electric Porcelain Company in Macomb. During its first years, the company produced knob, tube and cleat insulators. By 1927, the product line had grown to include 8,500 different items and sizes.
Insulators fell into two distinct product lines. The first was used for house wiring. The more extensive second line featured insulators for electric utilities, including those for transmission and distribution lines and transformer bushings, as well as insulators for telephone companies. Insulators varied in size from three one-thousandth of a pound to 50 pounds.

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    In last week’s Focus, I wrote about two doors listed in the Scriptures. One door was an open door which God gives as an invitation to hope and our calling, an open door which no one can shut.