Looking to the past

Beardstown struggles through 1926 flood

    Not only did the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad maintain service during the 1926 flood, but Central Illinois Public Service (CIPS) crews waged a successful battle to keep the rising flood waters out of the Beardstown manufactured gas plant on Main Street.
    Furthermore, CIPS also kept electric power on, though flood waters forced many residents and businesses to shut off the power in the interest of safety.
    In a letter to CIPS officials, C.G. Bennett, chief engineer for the Illinois Commerce Commission, wrote: “We believe your company is entitled to great credit for the efforts expended in successfully rendering gas and electric service during that period of distress. It would have been practically impossible for the people of Beardstown to exist without these two utility services.”


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    Recently, two friends explained to me that my article published on Feb. 6 hurt and angered many folks in the community, veterans in particular. I’m thankful they cared enough to come to me.