Wooden teeth, Eden’s apples and other myths

    Everyone knows that Thomas A. Edison invented the electric light. Well, everyone is wrong.
    In 1809 (some sources say 1800), English scientist Humphry Davy, who was later knighted for his scientific achievements, invented the first electric light. The device consisted of two copper wires attached to a battery. The other ends of the wires were fastened to a charcoal strip. Electricity caused the charcoal to glow, thus creating the first arc lamp. In 1815, Davy invented the miner’s safety lamp, which would be called the “Davy Lamp.” As for Edison, he perfected the incandescent light.
    Another wonderful and enduring myth is that Eve ate the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden. Well, the apple got a bad rap because the Bible makes no mention of an apple. The Book of Genesis (Chapter 3) only makes reference to “the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden...” Personally, I think she ate a banana though a case can be made for the kumquat.

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