When Harry was a Griesedieck Man

    This may sound like heresy to both Cardinals and Cubs fans, but Harry Caray wasn’t always a Bud Man.
    Way back in 1911, Henry Griesedieck, Jr., formed the St. Louis-based Griesedieck Bros. Brewery. Following Prohibition, Griesedieck grew to become a major Midwestern brew. And their future looked very bright in 1944 when Griesedieck Bros. acquired the broadcasting rights for the St. Louis Cardinals. The company hired Caray to be the play-by-play announcer on their radio network, which included 90 stations serving 10 states. By 1950, Griesedieck was producing a million or so barrels of beer annually with distribution in 12 Midwestern states.
    Griesedieck’s run of good fortune came to an abrupt end in 1952, the year Cardinals were put up for sale. Though Griesedieck had the right of first refusal, the company simply could not afford to buy a baseball team. Rival Anheuser-Busch led by August Busch, Jr., quickly acquired the Cards, guaranteeing the team would stay in St. Louis.

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