It wasn’t Abner Doubleday

    Few legends are more enduring than the one that claims Abner Doubleday invented baseball.
    Born at Ballston Spa, N.Y., on June 26, 1819, Doubleday graduated from West Point. He saw action in both the Mexican-American and American Civil Wars. Around 1870, he obtained a patent for a cable car railway system and opened the first cable car company in San Francisco. Following his retirement from the military in 1873, he became involved with the Theosophical Society and was president of the American chapter at the time of his death in 1893.
    As for baseball, it is unlikely that Doubleday ever witnessed a single game or had any interest in baseball. He never mentioned baseball in any of his writings. Even his obituary did not include any reference to the game. Yet, people still believe Doubleday is the father of baseball.

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