Ice storm heroes and patience

    When it comes to heroes of the 1978 Good Friday Ice Storm, none surpassed the electric utility workers who labored to undo the damage wrought by nature’s fury.
    Though they worked for different companies – Central Illinois Public Service, Illinois Power, Menard Electric Cooperative, Central Illinois Light Company, City Water, Light & Power and others – they all worked long, grueling hours in the most hazardous conditions with one purpose: restore service.
    The Jacksonville Courier made this observation:
    “Probably the unsung heroes in the Easter weekend ice storm are the linemen for all utility firms. Under trying conditions, hazardous to their personal safety, they worked as much as 18 hours without stopping. It wasn’t uncommon to see linemen grab for their pliers and chip the ice off steps to the buckets that lifted them to the ice-coated lines and transformers.”

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