Custer’s Gold: a gripping tale of the West

    When asked if I would review a historical novel, I initially hesitated as I have found most novels (historical and otherwise) to be less than satisfying. After a few days, I somewhat reluctantly agreed to take on the project.
    What persuaded me to read “Custer’s Gold” was a previous book by author M. John Lubetkin, “Jay Cooke’s Gamble: The Northern Pacific Railroad, the Sioux and the Panic of 1873.” This nonfiction work offers a highly readable, historically accurate and entertaining account of Cooke’s disastrous effort to finance the construction of the Northern Pacific.
    With “Custer’s Gold,” Lubetkin spins his yarn through a historical figure by the name of Ned Jordan. A surveyor by profession, Jordan proves to be an able storyteller.

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