A journey in Lent

    Not too long ago, two individuals noticed my clergy color. They came up to me and asked me about the season of Lent. They had heard people talking about Lent and wanted to know what it meant and why there was a time or period set within the calendar of the church for Lent.
    They are not unlike so many today. So it is that so many have kept themselves busy and occupied by many things that keep them away from church, the language of the church, and the holy treasured things of church. Consequently, they have lost grasp of those things that the church observes and teaches for the eternal well-being of her members—in fact, the very gifts of Christ, instituted for his bride, the church, while she waits for his coming. The many are identifiable because the language of the church has become foreign to them. Many are not able to recite the Lord’s Prayer, the prayer that Christ Jesus taught us to pray. Many could not recite the church’s historic creed, the Apostles’ Creed. It declares in brief terms of the persons and work of the Holy Trinity—God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—active for the salvation, the forgiveness, and restoration of sinners into God’s holy and heavenly kingdom.

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