'Starfinder' Announces 'Tech Revolution' Supplement

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    I’m a huge fan of game developer Paizo, including their stellar sci-fi RPG Starfinder. Filled to the brim with fascinating aliens and an intoxicating blend of futuristic science and high-fantasy magic, Starfinder is a wonderful system that I can’t recommend enough--and it’s about to get even better.
    A new rules supplement called Tech Revolution is about to (literally) change the game. Recently announced for an August 2021 release, Tech Revolution promises to add a ton of new content to Starfinder, from character options to new weapons and more.
    The first thing most people want to see when a book like this gets announced is new ways to customize their characters. Tech Revolution will apparently have new options for all existing Starfinder classes, but even better, it will include an entirely new class: the Nanocyte!
    Nanocytes are characters who have an assortment of nanites in their bloodstream, which they can manipulate to do various things--for instance, assuming the final version of the class hews relatively close to its latest version that was released last year, spontaneously manifesting weapons. Sounds pretty cool!
    There’s also some hints as to what sort of new gear might be available in the book. The product description mentions high-powered explosives and, of particular interest, cybernetics. Of course, body augmentation was already a part of the system, but as someone who is deeply interested in transhumanism as a concept, I’m always happy to see more cybernetic options added!
    However, it won’t just be you character that you can modify. The book is also going to add new options for customizing your ships and vehicles. Again, this was already part of the core game, but more options are always better! Every party wants to have their own personalized starship a la the Millenium Falcon, right?
    While all of the above is very exciting, none of it even comes close to book’s biggest addition: the introduction of mecha, and rules to build and fight with them. If you know me, you know I’m a massive mecha enthusiast--Mobile Suit Gundam is the only franchise I like as much as Star Wars, and that’s not even getting into stuff like Pacific Rim or Gurren Lagann. There are a few good systems out there for playing mech-based games (Mekton being the one I’m most familiar with, because the deep level of customization there appeals to me), but to have the genre incorporated into what is already one of my favorite games on the market is more than I could have hoped for!
    I’m always excited when Paizo announces a new product (for either Starfinder or its fantasy equivalent, Pathfinder) and this one was no exception. They consistently put out high-quality, thought-out products, and Tech Revolution sounds like a slam-dunk. Between the new class, bevy of customization options, and of course, the mecha, it’s bound to see a lot of play at my table!
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