Weathering the heat

  • Beyond the Rusty Gate
    Beyond the Rusty Gate

    I hope you’ve all been inside away from the heat. I can’t breathe very good in it and my dog has quite a time, too. We brush him every day but he still has too much fur. Probably needs a colder climate.
    I feel sorry for the dogs who have to be outside and might not have any shade. Every time I see those commercials it makes me sad. Poor fur babies with no food or water, sitting in the sun with chains around their necks.
    I’m really glad we don’t have a lot of the bugs this year. I’m hoping we have plenty of fruit to sell, share and make jelly. My daughter and her husband came from Springfield Saturday to mow the acres. The kids all take turns. Then they went to visit their grandchildren whom they hadn’t seen since before the pandemic. Hope they had a good day.
    I need to take my dog to see the vet to have his nails clipped. He also has a lump under his left haunch. It feels like a big marble full of fluid. I pray it’s not serious. Love that buddy of mine. Praying for him.
    My tomato plants are looking good. My daughter-in-law cut up a bunch last week and found tomato worms. I hope that’s all of them. We’ve never had any. She had them last year, too. We’re just through the pine trees but we don’t have the worms. Same kind of tomato plants. Don’t get it.
    I don’t understand why people object to wearing masks when doctors and scientists and knowledgeable persons are saying we could slow this virus and stop the deaths but they won’t listen or follow the rules. So foolish. I’m getting really tired of this mess we’re living in but at least I want to do what is necessary to get rid of it. More prayers, people.
    Well no news is good news, so here is your recipe. Maybe that will help. I love Chinese food – wanted some last Saturday night – so looked over my leftovers in the fridge. We had left over mixed veggies, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower. Used those drained and used a container of rice. All you do is 1 minute in the microwave. I had some turkey lunch meat so I cut a slice up, added it all together and heated; used my crispy noodles, touch of sauce, a slice of sour dough bread and I was good to go. Check your leftovers; you might surprise yourself, and no waste.
    See you next week beyond the rusty gate.