IHSA board discusses meeting update


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    According to a release from the Illinois High School Association, the IHSA board met to discuss the latest information available to them regarding Governor Pritzker’s current mitigation with the board having no expectations of starting low-risk winter sports prior to January.
    The IHSA board and staff will continue to monitor the Tier 3 Resurgence Mitigation currently in effect.
    “When there is a timeline for the state to emerge from these restrictions, the board is prepared to start lower risk winter sports quickly. In addition, the board is ready to reestablish contact days in January for any winter sports that cannot begin, as well as spring and summer sports. Further guidance on contact days limits will be established at a future board meeting,” stated IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson.
    “The board reiterated that they remain committed to creating as much opportunity as possible for all sports that remain to be played this school year. The board intends to evaluate the equity of each season as a potential resumption date in January begins to materialize. The board continues to appreciate the flexibility displayed by the schools throughout the pandemic, and they realize the challenges each modification creates, and they continue to ask that schools be adaptable in the new year. The board continues to evaluate the season start and ending dates depending on when the winter season resumes,” continued Anderson.
    The Star-Gazette contacted area coaches with regard to their winter sports programs. Jimmy Maltby, head BHS girls basketball coach, stated, “We just want to get some normality. The girls are wanting to  go, and the waiting is killing them. I think what hurts them the most is that all the surrounding states are playing and we’re not, and that seem unfair.”
    Eric Anderson, BHS boys basketball coach, had this to say, “We got in some work before the shutdown, but this just gave us a taste of what is coming, so we’re treading water until January when we can get started in full.”
    Rich Thompson, head coach of the Triopia boys, stated, “We’re ready to play, just waiting for the go-ahead. We think we can be pretty good this year, and the guys are biting at the bit. We will be ready whenever they say we can go.”
    PORTA/A-C’s head mentor for girls basketball, Erik Kesler, had this to say, “We were geared up to go, then we got the shutdown, so we’re like everyone else, anxious to play again and get this thing on the road.”
    Ashley Sanders, head mentor for Triopia’s Lady Blue, stated, “We are at a standstill. The girls are anxious to get going, especially since we will have all new faces this year. We’re just like everybody else, just waiting for the governor and IPHD and January to get here.”
    We might add to that, parents and fans are anxious to see winter sports begin and this includes the Cass County Star-Gazette Sports Department.  
    The IHSA board is scheduled to meet again on Dec. 14 at its regular monthly meeting. At that meeting the board will discuss sports/activities state series, possible adjustments, and the latest information regarding Tier 3 Resurgence Mitigation limits. The board also is studying the use of weight room and open gyms before and after school, regarding their use whether or not the facilities are open to the general public.
    “To reiterate, the board has no expectations to begin any winter sports season until 2020, but will remain agile in their preparations and willingness to adapt should a window present itself sooner,”  Anderson said.