Senior year is supposed to be your last hoorah before entering the world of adulthood. It’s the one everyone remembers and cherishes the most. It’s where you have your last first games, last homecoming, last prom, final tests, all to walk that stage and receive that diploma that says you did it.
  At the beginning of 2020, all signs pointed to another normal year in the making. Dinner reservations were made, schools were full, and hospitals only had the average amount of craziness coming through the doors. People were making vacation plans, buying concert tickets, getting ready for midterms, planning parties, and anything else you would normally do at the start of an unsuspecting year.   A few months was all it took for everything to come to a halt.  
  But these were not the only things that came to a halt. Not only did the restaurants close their doors, so did the schools. At the time, we didn’t know how long it would be, until just recently, when we found out it would be for good. The seniors all had their last day of high school, last game, last everything, and we didn’t even know it.

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