Heating and cooling ongoing issue

    Beardstown School Board met Feb. 25 in the high school library. One issue addressed at the meeting was the continuing problem with the heating and cooling system which has plagued the school since the beginning of the year. Henson Robinson is claiming to be finished with the work and desires payment. The problem, however, persists and final payment on the work will be withheld until such time as it is resolved.
    There was concern expressed by a parent over their students in the junior high not being able to bring home text books to work on assignments after school. It was explained that some classes with multiple class sections do not have sufficient books for every student to have one of their own. This has been addressed for next year.
    Another issue addressed was that a lot of student athletes have had to ride the game bus home from events where extended family members such as grandparents had expressed a desire to leave the events with them. Without permission from direct family members, this is not possible. There was some discussion on how much notice was needed to get extended family members on the pick-up list for events to alleviate any communication problems.

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