A wonderful Easter weekend with family

    What a nice weekend we had. I cooked dinner on Saturday evening because my son from Macomb had only that day off. Some of the other boys and their spouses got to come also. After cleaning up and visiting some, the guys started cleaning up around the pool and burned all the fallen tree limbs and trash left in the burn barrel. The ladies and I went to the greenhouse to water and check things out. The guys joined us to discuss adding more tables, and just where they might go. We have the tables mostly full right now and have more transplants to do. I hope to get some advertising out this week, because there are some plants ready to go. I hope the weather stays like it is so veggies can be planted. On Thursday, while it was raining, I went to water in the morning and found the temp. only 50 in the greenhouse. I called my son and the man from FS and they got it going. The temp. was supposed to drop to 29 that night, so there was no way we could go without heat. The fan behind the furnace was loose and the furnace wasn't kicking on. All fixed now.
    Last week we had lots of ducks on the pond. Besides our resident Canada Geese, there were the diving ducks and Woodies and Mallards. They are fun to watch. I also noticed a few turtles pulled up on the bank, possibly laying eggs in the mud. I did get some dead brush and weeds cleared out of one end of the front garden and found four rhubarb plants I thought the cold weather might have gotten, but there they were, made my day. I looked for asparagus today but didn't find any coming up. I wanted to be able to see the rows so we could tiller between them to get the weeds out. Maybe after all that rain that's coming, it will "spring" up!

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    “Your life in Christ makes you strong, and his love comforts you. You have fellowship with the Spirit, and you have kindness and compassion for one another” (Philippians. 2:1 TEV).