Winter weather hits with both barrels

    Well! Winter waited a while, and then decided to hit us with both barrels. I guess we can be thankful it more or less was on a weekend, so some people lucked out on having to travel. One exception was my youngest son, who went over the bridge in the middle of it to plow parking lots, etc. I wasn’t happy about him having to do that, but he made it home about midnight, safe and sound. I guess when you’re in those big trucks with the plows everybody gets out of your way, and you’re not going to slip that tonnage around too much.
    By the time you read this I hear we’ll be back up in the 30s-40s.The temperature jumping around like that makes more people sick. I hope the freeze we had killed lots of bugs and germs for every body’s sake. My next order of business is to get seed for the greenhouse ordered. I should be reading the Farmers Almanac to find out about the last frosts. I’m counting on good help this year, so I hope the weather turns out much better than last year. Maybe the early flooding will give us a chance to dry out before garden plowing, and not be like last year.

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