Toilet paper tubes and tomato tasting

Have you seen the commercial, no cardboard ring in the center of the t.p.? I like the idea, but what about all those craft projects people have made up to use the cardboard  ring for? Oh well, just a thought.
    Today is Monday, and I have the shop closed on Mondays, so I have two days in a row to get things done at home. Today there are too many things to do. I have 12 plants of broccoli to put in the freezer; 12 green peppers to stuff and put in the freezer; tomatoes to can; and zucchini jam to make and freeze. That’s only the tip of the iceberg, so they say.
    My oldest son and I worked in the garden this morning while it was barely light, and it was still humid. We tied  up more tomatoes and I picked green peppers. Yesterday, I picked blackberries and the boys tied more tomatoes. We’ve had to tie them with cloth strips, because they are too heavily loaded with tomatoes for the twine to hold them to the posts. When veggies start coming on, sometimes it’s all at once, and it’s hard to keep up, unless you don’t have any thing else to do. Not the case here at home and at the shop.

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